Our business is people, whether they are clients or candidates, the basis is simple, it's people.

We offer you an individual, customized solution allowing you to save time & money and shortening your time to hire.

Our team of professionals know how to match the right candidates with the right jobs.

Industry Focus

The Greenwood Group serves clients in a variety of industries. Drawing from the former experience of our Team, we specialize in Information Technology, Consulting, Manufacturing, Automotive, Consumer Products, Accounting and Financial Services.

So we may provide the best selection of fully qualified candidates, The Greenwood Group's research, recruitment and selection procedures are generally conducted on a national level. If global research and recruitment efforts are required, the firm is also able to draw upon our association of world-wide offices in our network.


Top talent is always in demand. Our individual solutions can help you make the proper introduction to companies who can use your talents.


We recruit from a position of unique industry knowledge and experience.