Our business is people, whether they are clients or candidates, the basis is simple, it's people.

We offer you an individual, customized solution allowing you to save time & money and shortening your time to hire.

Our team of professionals know how to match the right candidates with the right jobs.


The Greenwood Group is in the business of positively influencing people's lives.

Our candidates enjoy the unique experience of working with seasoned professionals to assist them in determining their career direction and personal growth opportunities. We listen, we consult and we take action.

Please understand that our staff reviews thousands of resumes, making it impossible for us to personally speak with everyone; but be assured that we do take the time to carefully review and evaluate your experience and how it fits within our client opportunities.  We will never share ANY of your information before we have a conversation with you and have your permission to do so.

Our clients require that the candidates we present have industry specific credentials.  Some skills from diverse sources are applicable from one industry to another and we take that into consideration whenever possible.  We then compare each resume with the opportunities and searches we are currently executing.


Just as you are trusting us with your resume, our clients trust us to fill their most critical positions by carefully screening out all but the very best candidates.  If your skills and experience match a current opportunity, someone from this office will contact you personally for a more detailed conversation.  If your background does not fit a current opportunity, but you have experience in our industry, we will keep your information in our databases for consideration on future opportunities.

Based on your preferences, we will identify and present to you only the positions that accurately reflect your chosen professional path. We will discuss opportunities in detail with you, respect your choices and ask your permission to proceed with client presentations of your background and experience. We will brief you and prepare you for all client meetings, and once the interview process is complete, provide you with feedback in a timely manner.

Please e-mail your resume using the link or feel free to reach us by phone at  (513) 770-4140 and we'll be happy to discuss your options with you. All information will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Our goal is to assist you in finding that "perfect fit" between your skills and experience and the right career opportunity.


Top talent is always in demand. Our individual solutions can help you make the proper introduction to companies who can use your talents.


We recruit from a position of unique industry knowledge and experience.